Grown Here Farms handmade products are formed with love and care, backed by a beautiful story and a business model that gives back to its' community.  Their founders showed up at our office with a half-finished label design and a tight schedule in tow, looking for a team to take their label design past the finish line just in time for a crucial Western Canada trade show.

Their delicious organic products almost speak for themselves. With bright, beautiful colours beaming from their jam jars, we agreed that the best way to design the label would be to let the product speak for itself - so we did. 

Our design featuring white ink on clear labels left as much clear space as possible to let the radiant colours of their jams grab consumers' eyes on shelves while still delivering the most essential information.

I am beyond thrilled with the services of Burst. I needed something incredibly specific within a budget and limited time frame and entire team delivered an outstanding end to end service and product. From their decorum, their level of professionalism, their attention to detail, at every stage of the process, Burst exceeded my expectations. I cannot say enough good things about this team of dedicated creatives. 

Jenn Lowther, Grown Here Farms Co-Founder