What Does Web Development Mean?

The term web development is all encompassing when it comes to building websites. There are an infinite number of ways to develop a website. For example, when building using content management systems (ie. Wordpress, Drupal, etc.), there are at least hundreds of different systems to choose from, and thousands of plugins and themes for each platform. New frameworks and methods are created and shared almost daily, providing a plethora of alternate solutions to the many that already exist. It can become overwhelming very quickly.

Web developers assess problems and transcribe them into solutions using code.

Most often the problem requires a straightforward solution and other times the problem is an incredibly challenging endeavour.

At Burst, Wordpress is our CMS of choice because it lets us leverage the vast array of minds out there that are part of the Wordpress Open Source Community. This means we don't spend time reinventing the wheel every time we start a new project.

Our backend developers build custom plugins and work with third party APIs which extend the default functionality to meet specific business logic goals and requirements for our clients. We've also developed our own highly customized starter theme to aid with rapid development for frontend components. Our frontend developers thoroughly enjoy bringing a project design to life through rich visual animations and interactive mechanisms which enthrall viewers.

Our developers come from an array of backgrounds and technological experience. We draw upon our experiences and knowledge to go past paradigms and deliver the best possible solution to not only meet client expectations but also exceed it.

Web Developer

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