SEO is complex process involving various aspects of the digital landscape. From your website's design, its content, the code under the hood and the rest of the world's perception about you are all contributing factors to how Google and other search engines rank your website vs others.

At Burst, we want to make sure search crawlers (aka spiders or robots) can reach and scan your web pages easily. We do that by writing clean and fast performing code. We also take SEO into account with each new aspect of our responsive web designs.

It all starts with the fundamentals:

  • What are your keywords?
  • Are the HTML tags being utilized correctly?
  • Do your pages contain the right keywords and keyword phrases?
  • Is there enough keyword rich content above the fold?
  • Does the website load quickly?
  • Is the website mobile friendly?

From there we take into consideration external factors affecting your rank:

  • Does your website have incoming links from other websites?
  • Are the incoming links from a trusted domain?
  • Do you have customer testimonials?
  • What are your customers saying about your brand?

Finally, we work with you in the long run to maintain a desirable ranking by monitoring performance, analyzing data, and suggesting revisions when necessary.

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