Websites used to only fit one screen, a desktop.

All that changed with the invention of smartphones and tablets. Overtime screens became much smaller, longer and thinner. Now there's a whole range of devices with different sizes for users to choose from. What matters most is that your website not only looks good, but also performs well on screens of all sizes. That's where responsive web design comes in.

At Burst, our websites are carefully designed from the ground up to work well with a variety of sizes. From mobile phone to your average desktop to the latest cutting-edge-ultra-flat-wide screen TV, your website must continue to look great.

We focus on key design principles to ensure your content is accessible and readable. The navigation needs to be functional and stay out of the way when its not being used. Images need to be crisp and clear while also remaining quick to load.

In this day and age, everyone is connected all the time no matter where they are. If your website isn't responsive, then your visitors won't be staying long and they sure won't be returning either.

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