Our four phase process is a guideline to help both your team and ours ensure that awareness of your company and its products is getting out into the market one step ahead of your competitors, but without any compromise to quality and ingenuity.

1. Brand Strategy

The Brand Strategy phase outlines your direct competition based on our broad-based research of product lines or services that are similar in nature. In order to augment our findings, we may request from you additional documents, business plans, market studies or other information based on the most up-to-date data regarding your current offering in the particular marketplace in which you are situated. The information collected together during this research phase will be used strategically to build upon and develop your current brand's infrastructure.

2. Creative Strategy

Your brand needs to have a name and tagline that together carry the most impact on your viewer, leaving that viewer with an enduring and memorable impression of what it is your company or product represents.

The actual naming of a brand is a complex process that requires experience in linguistics, marketing, trademark law, general research, and brainstorming techniques. In Burst!'s Creative Strategy phase, we use the brand infrastructure developed from the research harnessed in Phase 1, combined with your current brand attributes, values and positioning, together as the catalyst to generate a name and tagline that support your overall strategy or to refine it based on current trends in the marketplace. Your brand's name is the first word associated with who your company is, what it represents and what you offer in the way of products and services. At Burst!, we have no doubt that you view this as a crucial step, and we will utilize all of our resources to produce a solution that meets your specific needs.

3. Design Development

Through design, we look to integrate meaning with form. In the design development phase, the creative process truly begins to unfold. We transform the Brand Strategy and Creative Strategy phases of your project and create a visual representation of your company's views, culture, and ethics, transforming ideas into a visual essence to awaken your brand.

At this stage, we introduce colour palettes, typography form, shapes, and white space to transform the literal brand name and its conceptual presence into something concrete and memorable - something that consumers will come to know and trust. It is in this stage that your name and identity mark truly become the driving force behind the look and feel of the rest of your campaign.

4. Production

Production design is the art of re-working design files and precisely manipulating them in order to produce a visually stunning final product which is ready for print. We introduce certain value cues at this stage such as paper stock, printing techniques, ink selections and pantone colours that have been specifically chosen by our creative team for your project. These choices made at the production level produce unforgettable print and packaging that pops off the page or shelf.

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