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Hello All!

We’ve been on hiatus because the agency has been bursting with work (no pun intended). The other day, Jon and I were talking about how Christmas feels more like a deadline than a holiday. The combination of stress from both work and family can certainly make the holidays the most DANGEROUS time of the year which is why, I want to share with everyone the most common injuries of the holidays and how to avoid them.

1. Falling from hanging Christmas Lights and Decorations – According to U.S consumer Safety Commission (CPSC) about 14,000 people are treated for injuries due to holiday decorations! Easy, hang lights sober.

2. Fire – Did you know candles cause around $237 million in property damage every year!? It might be obvious but be mindful not to put your tree near the candle or near your cats.

3. Falling from icy patches – This particular item doesn’t happen worldwide, but I myself almost fell multiple times today.

4. Paper Cuts – Wrapping paper and scissors. The fix is pretty easy, just don’t use kitchen knifes to cut open your presents.

To read more regarding the most common injuries and how to avoid them, visit this LifeHacker article. Stay safe everyone and Happy Holidays.

Posted by David on December 19, 2016.

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