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The technology is already here, and everybody is talking about the possibility to watch TV while driving your car. Google has them, Uber has them, Apple is in talks with McLaren Technology Group, and there's a new company called that has a device that will turn your current manual vehicle into a driverless one. Most of that talk is on the technical side of the conversational. The legal conversation has so far been relatively quiet, with little chatter on the liability in the event of an accident caused by an auto-pilot glitch.

The White House is finally stating their stance on the subject. Obama has argued in favor of auto-pilot on the streets.

"Right now, too many people die on our roads – 35,200 last year alone – with 94 percent of those the result of human error or choice. Automated vehicles have the potential to save tens of thousands of lives each year. And right now, for too many senior citizens and Americans with disabilities, driving isn’t an option. Automated vehicles could change their lives."

Read more about his statement at:

Posted by admin on September 21, 2016.

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