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One man spent over 1000 hours and close to 1000 pounds crafting possibly the best cosplay costume ever. The costume features stretchable mechanical wings and LED lights. This costume was built from scratch and looks waaaayyy cooler than most characters in Suicide Squad ehem.. *killer croc.. cough *captain boomerang ahem *Diablo. (pretty much every character)

The man who crafted this awesome armor is Leo Simon, he is an artist who often showcase his amazing work on Elmins Cosplay. Pictures won’t do it justice so you must check the video of this amazing piece. What’s more impressive than this armor is that Leo had no prior mechanical or engineer background but he somehow manage to construct a full mechanical wing that can be remote controlled through his IPHONE. WTF, A real life Tony Stark cause I can barely get by without asking Rich a question about programming LOL.

Checkout the video @

Posted by David on August 29, 2016.

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