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I am a huge basketball fan, so congrats to Team USA for winning Gold in basketball at the 2016 Olympics!

I’ve been a super fan of Carmelo Anthony since his playing days in Denver but after yet another disappointed NBA season, I was ready to give up on the Knicks and him. Losing countless bets on the Knicks winning or making the playoffs will put a toll on your support! This season, however, will be different with Melo winning gold.

Not only have the Knicks made some power moves with the roster (Noal, Rose, Jennings, Lee), Olympic basketball coaches have commented on how Melo have matured in to a a vocal leader. This will bode well with the Knicks and my man going forward. Possible come out party !

I absolutely can’t wait for the new NBA season to begin, the Knicks will be playing in 22 national televised games (only warriors and clippers have more). Hopefully, I’ll start recuperating all the bets that I have lost from the previous years!

Posted by David on August 23, 2016.

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