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The latest show that I finished binge watching is “Stranger Things” on Netflix. It lived up to its hype and justified how it is one of the most-watched series this season. For those of you who are fans of the show, the Duffer brothers (creators), have confirmed a second season! YAY

So what’s in store for season Two? *SPOILER ALERT

In the series first episode, the boys playing D&D was a foreshadowing of the plot. I mean think about it, Demorgargon was a clear reference to the shows creature! At the end of the series, we were introduced to yet another creature, the “Thessalhydra”, a seven headed monster.

 A theory that have been trending on the internet is that the story might involve the 6 victims that was taken by the creature, as per Dr. Brenner in one episode.  We can assume that the victims were impregnated by the Updside Down creature! Will this theory be true?! I cannot wait for the next season! It is reported that the next season of “Stranger Things” will answer a lot of questions from the first season (which I would hope so : / ).

Posted by David on August 15, 2016.

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