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Design is present in all aspects of life - even in the world's most prestigious sporting event. As a big fan of cycling, I'm excited to see the colourful and wildly differing designs of team jerseys from all around the world at the Olympics. Here are a few standout looks from this year's Olympic lineup.

Pictured in the header: Greg Van Avermaet celebrating the win in his simply yet effective Belgian team kit.

Team Denmark

Not much to say about this striking kit. Beautiful typographic forms and a simple colour palette give this kit a sinister, crisp, and modern look. Very Nordic.

Team Colombia

The little Colombian flag colour hit is nice, but an incredibly risky proposition going with the white shorts. (You can see everything through skintight white cloth - even worse when it's sweaty...)

Team Namibia

A classic looking colour palette lifted from the Namibian flag with an extra splash of bright red combined with a distinctive typeface put Namibia on this writer's map. The random shirtless Santa Claus is just a bonus.

Check out more of the Rio 2016 cycling kits at Cycling Weekly or

Posted by Jon on August 11, 2016.

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