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The hottest smart phone game trending right now is Pokemon Go, which officially released last week. . After seeing countless feeds regarding the game, I had to experience first hand myself. Unfortunately, the game is currently available in the US, Australia and New Zealand with the rest of the world having to wait.

HA, that’s not going stop me from getting the game. Follow this guide at techradar to download Pokemon Go right now, on either Andriod or IPhone. I assure you it works cause I’ve been playing it all week.

This game is legitimately refreshing; essentially, you are a Pokemon Trainer and forced to go in the real world to catch these critters, promoting walking and exercise. Nintendo did a great job reinventing games and their stock has been rewarded with an increase of 9.3%!!! That’s adding approximately $7 billion to the firm’s market value in just little over a week. I highly recommend everyone to try the game it self, Although, players have already reported of wiping out, getting mugged and even walking in to a dead body while their eyes were glued to the screen. Nonetheless, this game has huge potential as a long term hit and not a game that players may lose interest in a few weeks.

Posted by David on July 11, 2016.

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