I went shopping this weekend to scope out deals for Canada Day. When I was in BestBuy, I aimlessly waited with others in a line, which I thought was for free swag but turned out it was for a Drone simulation, FML. But you know what, it was kind of cool flying a drone and capturing videos/images while sky-high.

As I search for drone deals at home, I came across more and more ways of using drones. It was interesting to find that drones are a huge risk not only for aviation safety but to our correctional facilities around the world as well! How? well drones are being used to smuggle contraband into prisons.  Instead of smuggling items the traditional ways, inmates now arrange to have drones fly their cargo over barged wire fences and drop the items in the yard! WOW. When criminals are starting to use drones for these purposes, what stops them from flying one over my home and steal my credit card information ?!

My paranoia took over and I asked myself how am I going to protect my own privacy when these drones are trending, especially if they are on sale RIGHT NOW. Fortunately, a company called Dedrone offers technology that can detect drones within a certain distance. Turns out prisons and celebrities are Dedrone’s major market for unwanted aerial visitors. Dedrone (http://www.dedrone.com/en/) will send either an alert to yourself so you can shoot that MF drone down yourself or send some sort of disburbance and bring the drone down. This is some Terminator stuff I don’t want to get involved in. I am all for taking good pictures so that’s why I will stick to my trusted selfie stick and avoid Drones for a while.

Posted by David on July 04, 2016.

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