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Have you ever heard of "robo-advisors"? There's a whole generation of Canadians looking for a cheaper, more painless way to invest their money - and a tech startup market that's roaring to help them. Simply start up an account with an online service without ever touching a piece of paper, drop your initial investment and set up your auto-contribution, and forget about it as your investments are automatically adjusted throughout the year.

We can't speak to the financial soundness of any of these services, but as a digital design consultancy we sure as heck can talk you through their design strategies. Here are three of the best-designed "robo-advisor" startups in Canada, in no particular order.

Nest Wealth

Based out of Toronto, Ontario, Nest Wealth offers robo-advisor services with the unique selling proposition of one flat fee - whether you're investing a thousand dollars or a million dollars. They've crafted a very trustworthy, simple, and (relatively) conservative brand identity in this space.


Hailing from our very own hometown of Vancouver, BC (Yaletown specifically), Wealthbar positions themselves as "Canada's only full-service online financial advisor". Their use of bold teal and graphical vectored illustrations gives us a very millenial-focused, digital-era vibe that helps push the impression that they're as much a tech company as much as they are a financial company.


Also headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Wealthsimple puts a fresh, positive spin on saving with the unique claim to being the only advisor you can sign up for an account with entirely on a smartphone app. This is our personal favourite for its brand - a punchy, positive colour palette combined with hilarious imagery, effective typography contrast and incredibly aspirational messaging portrays investing as something that's attainable and essential for all.

Posted by Jon on June 30, 2016.

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