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Google has a new toy for developers to play with called the Awareness API. The Awareness API can take up to 7 pieces of information from your device for more personalized apps.

This new feature comes in two parts; the snapshot API and the fence API. The fence API lays in wait until certain conditions are met, and then fires off an event on your device. The snapshot API lets an app request information about a user's current situation.

It can gather information about your current location, the weather, and your current activity. It claims to be smart enough to detect if a user is walking or running.

We can all imagine the great features that developers can accomplish with this information. Your dating app can find out what restaurants you like. Your girlfriend can find out when you listen to music. Your parole officer can find out whether you're at home, work, or the bar.

The API offers seven pieces of information:

Context type Example
Time Current local time
Location Latitude and longitude
Place Place, including place type
Activity Detected user activity (walking, running, biking)
Beacons Nearby beacons (including namespace, type, and content)
Headphones Are headphones plugged in?
Weather Current weather conditions

Click here to read more about how the FBI can better track you. Errr, sorry. I meant how our company can better serve you.

Posted by Richard on June 29, 2016.

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