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This year's E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) previewed some pretty exciting game trailers. The audience got a glimpse of complementary technologies that will be available shortly as well. The three games that stood out to me the most were Batman: VR, The Amazing Spiderman and God of War 3. But are these games and add-ons enough for a new gamer to WAIT to buy the newest 4k Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles?

Both Microsoft and Sony will be releasing a 4k-capable console. Microsoft has confirmed the 4k-capable Xbox One in August this year while Sony has only confirmed that it will release a more powerful version of the PS4.

Should you wait?  YES

IMHO, I think gamers should wait. I’ve had my PS4 for two years and there haven’t been any MUST GET games. StarWars: Battlefront was the last game I got and it turned out to be a huge disappointment. So why not wait to get the most loaded up console and just buy classic games or even used games at the moment, at a steal for as low as $19.99?

For the fans that prefer the XBOX, keep in mind, Microsoft is planning to release a VR-capable console some time in 2017! Unless you are desperate to game and scarce in space, you don’t really need the slimmer 4k Xbox one!

Posted by David on June 21, 2016.

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