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For those of you that don’t know already, Under Armor released the Curry 2 low, “Chef”, sneakers and social media have been roasting over its design. People from all fronts have been taking a comedic jab over the shoe, from twitter tweets, instagram memes and Jimmy Kimmel’s parody commercial! Checkout the video after the jump.

The trending consensus is that the shoes are WAYY too white and old school, even BEIBA himself would have a hard time making them look cool. In my own opinion, they do look like nursing home shoes and very similar to the Nike Monarch 2, Nike’s best selling model. WAIT what? What’s the Nike Monarch 2, did Jordan wear them? NO, we’ve all seen them, I am sure you’ve seen them as well.

Yes these, Nike Monarch are Nike’s best selling model in terms of pairs sold. Under Armor is actually making a very smart business move by making the Curry 2 plain and white. As this design can be worn by all ages (mostly dads) and at a price point around $65 dollars, no wonder all uncles and dads are jumping on these. Sometimes these can be as cheap as $35, I might cop myself a pair as these might make me feel more reliable, brave, loving and brilliant, all the traits of a father.

PS Happy Fathers Day this weekend!

Posted by David on June 13, 2016.

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