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People have been drowning in emails for the last two decades and one can easily lose their sanity from staying up-to-date by “checking” emails.  Don’t get me wrong, emails are still great but it limits the ability for big groups to collaborate and can get overwhelming.

For those of you that do not know #Slack messenger already, let me tell you why #Slack is going to be an EMAIL killer and a partial replacement for email and online project management applications. #Slack application is essentially all your favorite services, like Twitter, GitHub and Dropbox combined into one mega ultra communication tool.

Started by the creator of Flickr, Slack has more than a million daily active users a day. So let me explain why #Slack is trending and kind of a big deal with its unique mix of features that makes it well fitted for work.

#Slack includes automatic archiving for all your interaction, these includes Messages, PDFs, CODE SNIPPETS, WORD Docs, etc. Wait! How does that KILL email? Well, one of the big reasons why Gmail has been so successful is the way they made emails feel like conversations via archiving. #Slack has mimicked this sweet feature, so sending files / snippets of code and then locating them have never been made simpler. Plus, the application works across about every device you own. When was the last time you remember sending formats of “codes” via Whatsapp or Email?

#Slack is not quite an email service, it is kind of a hip communication tool, so it has refined the fun and addicting part of instant messaging but left the Email behind by cutting out 90 percent of unnecessary emails; whether it be email marketing, receipts, new Facebook status updates, requests, job posts, scam mail etc.. Crazy? Yes. Communication between yourself and your team has been made easier with Slack with easy to use features and options and a library of fun GIFS and EMOJIS.

Bottom line, #Slack is a great communication tool for tech companies, the application allows you to send any file types, including raw code format to you and your teams in a private chat; cutting needless emails.  

Posted by David on May 09, 2016.

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