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JCI Institute X Jeff Pinder

JCI Institute X Jeff Pinder

As a globally minded, leading-edge brand creative and digital agency, it’s only natural that we value aesthetics, creativity and innovation. Fashion is a medium for everyone to convey their personal brand, identity and personality – which could be likened to what we do at Burst.

We find beauty in everything

I was delighted to be a part of the personal styling consultation with the talented students of JCI Institute. I was thoroughly impressed by the sheer talent and creativity of Vancouver’s future fashion stylists. 

Furthermore, here at Burst, we grab inspiration from everything around us. We find beauty in everything – from nature and people, to music and fashion. Each wardrobe capsule that the groups of students created conveyed a unique and fresh take on fashion that definitely sparked some inspiration for me in terms of my personal style. The students chose a wide range of clothes and accessories from high-street brands like ASOS and Zara and high-end brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Valentino and Fendi. 

Our style

Similarly, at the office, we all wear clothes that depict our personality and personal brand. Each team member has their own character and we love seeing that shine through their fashion. From Jordans and Converse to loafers and hiking boots – we have it all! We don’t confine ourselves to the societal constructs around office wear. Instead, we use the office as a vessel for us to harbor more creativity that we can later channel into our projects.

‘A picture paints a thousand words’

As they say, a picture paints a thousand words. However, I think that in terms of fashion, each outfit paints an impression. One that is denied to us through words. Seeing the styling students of JCI Institute so passionate and imaginative was inspiring for all creatives around Vancouver. The styling students of JCI Institute have a bright future ahead of them and I look forward to seeing their progression as future stylists. 

JCI Institute X Jeff Pinder styling guide

group of JCI Students and Jeff Pinder