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Black Business Summit – BEBC

black business summit mentor meetup #6 - jeff pinder and colin response poster

February 24th 2022
12:15 PST

The Black Business Summit hosted by BEBC is a first-of-its-kind virtual summit in Canada. It will deliver educational and funding resources for Black-owned business building and entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, the Black Business Summit’s goal is to disrupt barriers that are holding back Black Canadians from thriving in business. Its aim is to provide resources that will build a brighter future for the Black community by building generational wealth through business

To do this, the Black Business Summit organized the uniting over 2,500 attendees, incredible speakers and talented mentors. It will gather government officials, banks, investors, universities, mentors and experts, in order to open new opportunities for Black business people. Simultaneously, it was a catalyst for inspiring black youth as it highlighted success.

I (Jeff) will hold an open panel Q&A on how to increase your sales through the use of marketing and social media. I will touch on a range of topics from the purpose of each social channel to how to think big and bold when starting off as an entrepreneur.

Here at Burst, we are a globally minded, leading-edge brand & creative digital agency. Our mission is to create meaningful work that we are proud of. Certainly, this summit is one that definitely speaks to the heart of our mission statement. It is a great space to unite the Black business community at a large scale. In my opinion, it is an extremely empowering event for all attendees and speakers, and one that I’m extremely proud and honoured to be a part of.

You can check out the BEBC pages here: 

Instagram: @bebcsociety 

Website: BEBC Black Business Summit

LinkedIn: BEBC

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