May 30 2018

Burst! is very excited to announce its partnership with Nicola Wealth Management on the Brand Creation of their upcoming event named, LEAD / IMPACT. The event will serve as an opportunity for affluent individuals - Canada's business and community leaders - to attend a one-of-a-kind experience that asks them to examine the nexus between leadership and impact. We will be tasked to develop the Identity & Collateral, where it's visual language will then be translated into other mediums such as Displays, Signage and more! We are absolutely delighted for what's in store and can't wait to share the final result. Stay tuned for updates!

May 23 2018
The Next Generation of Luxurious Real Estate Marketing

We are absolutely thrilled to announce our partneship with Kambiz Ahmadi and his team at Luxury Listings Worldwide on the design and development of their first fully-responsive website. With an audience of over 1.5 million, Luxury Listings Worldwide features the world's most desirable properties, allowing users to find the top real estate professionals around the world. Stunning imagery, tranquil page transitions, and an intuitive property search filter will help sell these once-in-a-lifetime properties and allow for an immersed browsing experience. Check out the splash page here before the website goes live. Stay tuned!

May 23 2018
Energy for the Long Run

Burst! is excited to announce it's collaboration with the Berlinguette Research Group on the re-design and development of their online presence. Berlinguette Research Group is an independant team dedicated to clean and abundant solar energy. Their research includes the design of highly-efficient and advanced solar cells, along with developing fundamentally new methods in storing solar electricity. Stay tuned for updates!

April 10 2018
There's No Place Like Home

We can't wait to show you what's in store for Canvas Homes! A Surrey-based construction company and architectural firm, they design and build bespoke luxury homes throughout the Greater Vancouver area. We're working on a Wordpress experience that conveys the luxury and quality they design into each of their homes. Stay tuned for some beautiful, responsive CSS animations on this one - but for now, check out the splash page we've put up at for a preview!

March 05 2018
The "Secret Formula"

Burst! will be working with entrepreneur Bob Mangat to redesign the website for his business Invigo Media. Invigo provides online marketing services for healthcare practitioners in the US, including marketing automation, content creation, social and video marketing, coaching, web design and development, and more.