Last week I found myself with countless photos that needed to be web friendly. After editing a couple pictures one by one (painfully), I told myself NO MORE because this is a waste of time and there must be a friendlier way of doing this.

My design team was quick to help and introduced me to the Bulk Edit feature before I threw a tantrum. Bulk editing is useful when you want to edit images in bulk, for example, crop all the images to a certain size or put on the same filter effects across all images.

I am going to explain briefly in this post on how to use Photoshop “Actions” to resize and edit multiple photos at once, saving you hours of tedious work.

Step 1: Create New Action and Record the Action in Photoshop

Open Photoshop and make sure you have “Actions” in your window. To get actions to show, go to the main menu bar: Window => Actions Once you have Actions visible, “Create a New Action” and name the action. The name doesn’t have to be complicated, just name it something like “Image Resizing”.

Open up an image that you want to edit and simply click Record to start recording some actions. This recording will be reused for your bulk edits.

Step 2: What to record?

Begin recording your edits. For example if you are resizing images, go to Image => Image Size and edit as you would normally do. Click Stop when you are done all your actions.

Step 3: The Real Deal, Batch Edit.

Before doing all the bulk edits, make sure all your images are in one folder, because Photoshop will bulk edit all the images within that folder. Next, go to File => Automate => Batch.

The popup panel is straightforward but be mindful to configure your Action and Source appropriately and have the files saved to a destination of your liking. Finally, click okay and give your self a pat on the back.

You did it, We did it, We bulk edited images and saved ourselves from extremely tedious work.

Posted by David on October 10, 2017.

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