My biggest challenge when I first worked with Facebook’s API was getting the User Access Token. I had to jump through hoops and climb mountains to get the token, which was extremely frustrating.

What is an User Access Token?!

Facebook User Access Token is a code that allows developers to connect to a Facebook account and get Feeds, Post Feeds, Share feeds, etc. Pretty much anything you can do on the official Facebook website but done on your OWN web app. At Burst, we style the feeds to look pretty.

After reading through several good articles, I’ve listed the steps below to get a 60 Day User Access Token for Facebook. At the time of this Post, Facebook only allows a token that can be used for 60 days.

1) MUST create an “App” through your Facebook Account.

  • Go to and Create an New App by clicking on the My Apps tab.
  • Go through all the steps and the App should give you an APP ID and APP SECRET which you will need for the Access Token

2) Go to your App’s Dashboard and go to Tools & Support.

On the Tools & Support page click Access Token Tool ( Sure, I'll spoon feed you by giving you the direct link

3) DON'T get Fouled!

Don’t get too excited once you see the User Token code on this page. This is just a temporary one and will expire in a day. Instead, click Debug on the right

4) We did it! We the Best, and another one

Finally , click Extend Access Token! There you will see a “Long Lived Access token" with the expiry date.

Posted by David on October 23, 2017.

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