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This strong awareness of our corporate social responsibility takes form in many ways at Burst! - in the way in which we look outside of our four walls to discover how we can get involved on the ground level and who we can help by designing a strong platform from which to launch their programs.

Burst For Change

By taking action on our doorstep with community partners, we are recognizing that social issues ripple in ways that are similar at their core around the world, yet can take on drastically different traits. While HIV takes on different numbers in the horn of Africa than the Downtown Eastside, communities in each are similarly and traumatically affected, needing a call for active involvement from the community as a whole. Through our work and our community involvement, we are mindful to live out this ethos in all that we do on a daily basis.


Helping today's people shape tomorrow's future

Giving back to the community is a gesture that defines an entity's ethical standpoint. We at Burst! applaud all non-profit organizations in their quest to deliver support to important causes that are in need of assistance.

Burst Building Blocks Program

The Burst! Building Blocks Program has been designed to bring relief to the financial boundaries of non-profit marketing. We at Burst! have established a dollar matching approach, whereby we will match every dollar of funding allocated to a non-profit's particular marketing project according to a 3 to 1 ratio. For example, if a marketing project is slated to cost $15,000, through the Burst! Building Blocks Program, our digital artists and website designers will donate $5,000 worth of their time to your project. This is our way of saying thank you to the non-profit organizations for making our world a better place one project at a time.

Let's Work Together

There's nothing we love more than the infinite possibility of a brand new project.
Let's make something inspiring together.

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