Difference between Drupal and Ruby on Rails? Recently, my team asked me the difference between Ruby on Rails and Drupal. For developers, Drupal is painted as ‘Not as Cool’ but we are really comparing apples with oranges.

For instance, Drupal is a Content Management System (CMS) where as Rails is a software development framework. I’ve written sites in both Rails and Drupal so I am somewhat qualified to say that it really depends on the website features and functionalities.

For websites that require less functionality (blog style, basic listing of products), I recommend using Drupal because this can be implemented fairly quickly. This is because Drupal has a huge pile of out of the box items that will give you a full working website directly after install. (basic user authentication, basic building blocks for building webpages).

Ruby on Rails on the other hand is more like an empty shell to fill code with. The framework might be a waste for low-value tasks. Having said that, features such as payment systems, connecting to third party API’s can be developed more quickly. Developers can basically build any features without relying on community modules first.

Hope this shed some light on the two.

Posted by David on September 11, 2017.

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