I have grown more comfortable with Wordpress over the last year at Burst. Our team have built numerous projects on Wordpress because it is very user friendly for non-technical individuals. As developers, we have built our own plugins and customize the Sh!t out of Wordpress. 

One neat thing we do at Burst is customizing the company's login page. Why not have the firm's own logo stand out instead of the default Wordpress logo. Customizing the user page with the firm’s logo can deliver several things.

  1. It can clearly deliver the feel of your company.
  2. Confirms your credibility
  3. Emotionally connect with your users / staff / clients.

I have pasted a snippet of code below to show this can be done.

First you would need to add on to the Wordpress default function 'login_enqueue_scripts' with your own. In my code above, I've created my own function and named it my_login_logo() and I attached styles to the logo html element.

The takeaway is “background-image”, you will need to call the logo of your liking. Write this code in your functions.php file and see the results on the /user page.

If you are a non-developer, there should be an area in the wordpress back end where you can add code to that file without going through the project backend!

Difficulty: Learner

Posted by David on October 17, 2017.

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