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Let's face it, finding the perfect font for your website without having to break your bank account can be really difficult, not to mention time-consuming since there are a lot of free web fonts out there with the majority of them being just mediocre. But don't fret! There are some cool resources, such as Font Squirrel, Google's Free Web Fonts and Adobe's Web Edge Fonts. Below are 10 of our favourite web fonts that you won't even have to spend a single penny (the penny not longer exists in Canada, but you get what I mean eh?)

1. Montserrat

2. Roboto

3. Source Sans Pro

4. Open Sans

5. EB Garamond

6. Lato

7. Droid Sans

8. Playfair Display

9. Sanchez

10. Arvo

Posted by Frank on May 17, 2016.

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