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At the age of 41, Ray “Jesus Shuttlesworth” Allen will retire from the NBA.  There were a lot of flirting and speculation with the idea of Allen playing one more year. His minutes would be limited until near playoff time but his role will involve more of being a mentor.

The teams that Allen had been rumored to be playing for were the Knicks and Clippers. Spike Lee, Knick’s ultimate supporter, campaigned hard for Ray to play for the Knicks. The pair maintained a great relationship after Spike’s movie “He’s Got Game”, which Ray got his alternate alias name “Jesus Shuttlesworth” from. Doc Rivers, coach of Clippers, reserved a spot on the roster for Ray, which he woud be reunited with one of Boston’s original Big Three, Paul Pierce.

Ray retired by writing an emotional letter to his 13 years old self this morning. I’ve had Ray on my fantasy basketball team numerous times and I will greatly miss him. What we can look forward to are the rumors of him reprising his role as “Jesus” in He’s Got Game 2.

Posted by David on November 01, 2016.

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