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Hot off 2 days of stunning product announcements, it looks like the tech war between Microsoft and Apple is alive and well.

Microsoft has been doing a lot of work lately to get creatives onboard, and it looks like the latest culmination of that effort is the gorgeous Microsoft Surface Studio Pro. This incredible machine features a gigantic tilting touch display and a suite of innovative hardware tools including a pen and dial that help creatives switch settings on-the-fly. Watch the ad here - I have to admit, it actually made me a little emotional.

Meanwhile, instead of reinventing the wheel, it seems like Apple's taking their greatest hits album and remixing it, adding some hot new features, and refining it even further. Enter the new MacBook Pro. The marquee feature here is called the "Touch Bar" - it replaces the function key at the top of your keyboard with a strip of LCD touchscreen that changes functions and displays depending on what application you're in. It might sound weird here, but check it out in action - it seems to be a huge timesaver and holds some really interesting possibilities for app developers. Check out the reveal here.

It's 2016. Microsoft has somehow made a desktop that I want, and Apple has somehow made a laptop that I want. What is going on in the world? And which one do you prefer?

Posted by admin on October 27, 2016.

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