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Usually, I don’t mind traffic in the morning. It’s kind of nice to listen to some Hollywood gossip and some Beibbaaa hits before work. However, getting stuck in traffic while on route to catch the second half of the GSW elimination game with some buddies, after a LONG day of work, was the last thing I needed!

As I sit there checking my twitter feeds (I was the passenger), I naturally became more aware of tweets regarding traffic and constructions around town. Turns out that the city is in the process of creating more bike lanes to alleviate traffic. Eventually, I came across a green design concept from China that might be a savior for all traffic and pollution problems! The “Transit Elevated Bus” is an electric bus that looks a gigantic car-eating caterpillar.

Unfortunately, after reading more and watching the concept video, more questions pop up. This caterpillar looking bus is a HUGE distraction and a hazard to drivers ALL over. What if I am in the middle of switching lanes or pulling over? Would this bus crush over me? As much as I dislike hybrid bikers (bikers that entitle themselves as both a biker / pedestrian), I wouldn’t want to see ALL of them being smoked. After daydreaming for all of that, I got to the pub and thought to myself - waiting in traffic is not as bad as being crushed to death.

Check out the video concept at CNN :

Posted by David on May 30, 2016.

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