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At Burst, one of the things that really excites us is seeing other designers use their amazing talent to recreate a logo from a brand that we, as consumers, see every day. (Popcorn is another thing that really excites us too!) A logo is such a great Graphic Design asset that it's amazing to see an old, outdated design become something so beautiful.

Below are 5 logo redesigns from brands that we wish would just replace their old logos with these new ones!

1. Nasa

Really love the use of negative space within the letters to indicate the shape of a planet or moon.

design by Max Lapteff via Behance


We have a great respect for the current logo, but adding that extra element can really go a long way. Love the use of just a simple rounded shape to represent a ball and a globe. That's what so beautiful about the modern game, you just need a ball to bring the world together.

design by Darren Healey via Behance


Love the playful direction on this logo with the use of squares to create a connection with the brand itself and the products that they offer. Looking at it, with all the squares connected, we see the recognizable, rectangular shape of IKEA's retail stores. Don't you?

design by Daniel Freytag and Greig Anderson via Behance

4. EA Games

Another excellent logo that has also taken into a more playful direction. Just love the simplicity and customization of the letters 'E' and 'A' to give it a more modern, fresh, and consistent look.

design by fellow Vancouverite Kristian Hay via Behance

5. Instagram

We're still trying to get used to Instragram's new logo, but it will eventually grow on us. However, we love this cute and simple iteration of the original logo by staying true to it's roots and giving it a fresh, flat look which ties with the design trends as of late.

design by Michael Fralup via Dribbble

Posted by Frank on May 31, 2016.

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