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Photoshop is an easy tool to learn, but difficult to master. But never fear, Burst! is here to help! Below are 10 shortcuts that not only enhance your skills, but also increase the speed of your workflow so that you can finish those projects with incredibly tight deadlines more quickly and easily.

1. Undo

In case you don't know the shortcut to undo an action in Photoshop, it's CTRL/COMMAND + Z. But did you know that you can undo an action more than once? Use the shortcut CTRL/COMMAND + ALT/OPTION + Z. Mind...Blown.

2. Move Layers Up or Down Quickly

You have the ability the move layers up and down quickly within the layers panel than having to just click and drag each layer in the order that you'd like (ain't nobody got time for that!) Use the shortcut CTRL/COMMAND + ] or [ to adjust the order of your layers and see the changes to your artwork more quickly!

3. Grouping Layers Shortcuts

If you ever need to group a selection of layers, simply select the layers you would like to have as a group and use the shortcut CTRL/COMMAND + G. If that's not how you roll, then you can just click the Group Layers icon and drag your selected layers into the new group (I wouldn't recommend it).

4. Zooming In and Out

Don't bother on having to click the Zoom icon on your tools panel, just use the shortcut CTRL/COMMAND + + or - (Pssssst, when you're zoomed into your artwork, press the SPACEBAR to use the hand tool and drag around your artwork).

5. Copy and Paste in Place

By default, simply copying and pasting an image will place the copied image in the centre of the artboard. If you would like to copy the image and paste it in it's original position, use the shortcut CTRL/COMMAND + SHIFT + V and voila! You're welcome.

6. Drawing a Straight Line

If you want to draw a straight line while using the brush tool, draw your first point, hold down the SHIFT key then draw your second point. You can try to draw a straight line manually, but it's nearly impossible to execute (I'd be very impressed if you can).

7. Changing Opacity

Quickly change the opacity of a specific layer by selecting your layer and hitting a number key (1 for 10% opacity, 5 for 50% opacity, 0 for 100% opacity).

8. Transforming a Selection

When using a selection tool, you can transform your selection by going to Select > Transform Selection and the rest is up to you!

9. View a Single Layer

If your artwork has over 1000 layers (I'm obviously exagerrating, but who knows) and want to see just a single layer, simply right-click and select your layer on the artboard. Then, hold down the ALT/OPTION key and click the eye icon beside your selected layer. That will hide all your other layers and only show your selected layer. Use this shortcut again to reveal all your layers.

10. Convert a Locked Background Layer Into An Editable Layer

When opening up a JPEG file (for example) in Photoshop, by default it opens as a single background layer that is locked. But, what if you want to edit that layer? Simple! Just double click on the thumbnail of the background layer in the layers panel, name the layer to whatever you like, and you're good to go! You can also duplicate the background layer and making that new layer editable without having to edit the original layer by using the shortcut CTRL/COMMAND + J. Pretty cool, right?

Posted by Frank on May 10, 2016.

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