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April 19 2016
Reflecting on Innovation and Collaboration

Burst! is excited to announce a new creative project for the Canadian international law firm McCarthy Tétrault. To commemorate the move into their new, innovative and collaborative space, they will be hosting a grand opening party, to be complimented by an intelligently designed invitation that represents their cutting-edge workplace. Stay tuned for a finely crafted and uniquely designed print piece - we can’t wait to show you what we’ve got up our sleeves!

February 04 2016
Understanding Canadian Roots

Burst! is proud to announce our new online collaboration with the BC Treaty Commission. Being an independent facilitator for treaty negotiations amongst the governments of Canada, BC, and First Nations in BC, it is imperative that they convey a strong, professional, and contemporary online presence. Highlights will include a clean and user friendly design, as well as a highly interactive map, consisting of multiple layers to educate users on 65+ first nations bands.

January 27 2016
We’ve hopped on our connecting flight to the great outdoors with Wilderness Seaplanes!

We have embarked on our next journey with another BC home grown aviation company that provides their customers with the adventurist experience. Wilderness Seaplanes offers services such as:

Charter Flights


Burst is excited to design a wide array of visuals varying from their online presence to the graphics on their planes. Stay tuned.

January 14 2016
Drupal 8 is Finally Here!

Heeriye Heeriye, we welcome to the floor Drupal 8.

With trumpets playing loudly, we are delighted to welcome Drupal 8 to our arsenal of technologies. If you’re not a web developer this might sound like “wonk, wonk” but to us tech geeks, this list of benefits is music to our ears.

  • Switches from PHP to Symfony, preventing programming on the template level.
  • Multi-lingual support built into Drupal core. Language support in 7 required a 3rd-party module and a lot of other modules didn't have support for that module.
  • Lazy-load JavaScript and CSS to only load scripts when they're required, saving bandwidth.
  • REST allows data to be sent between sites. This makes APIs less of a headache.
  • The PHP module has been removed in core, which allowed users to write PHP in the browser. This removes a lot of security vulnerabilities and should make websites harder to hack.
  • Better caching system. We can automate when to clear cache and what caches to clear.
  • Universal Unique ID system. One ID table for everything should make content relationships easier to manage.
November 30 2015
Burst @ Brentwood

Burst is getting a head start on the New Year in style with a full rollout of graphics and creative for the renewed Brentwood Mall. With all the hype over the changing neighbourhood, we are so excited to help put a mark in time.

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